One of the most business–friendly innovations in recent years has been the proliferation of cloud apps like Google Apps, Office 365, and Salesforce. These SaaS apps have fundamentally changed the way we do business, enabling companies to take advantage of economies of scale, reduce infrastructure costs, and expand the boundaries of a cubicle. Storing data in cloud applications is far safer than storing data on most on-premise storage systems — but “safe” does not equal “invulnerable.” In fact, one third of SaaS users report losing data in the cloud.

Yes, the cloud is safe, but it’s not infallible and today’s cloud vendors lack the incentive to point out their vulnerabilities. So we’re stepping in! In this eBook, we compare three of the world’s premier SaaS applications (Google Apps, Office 365, Salesforce) to highlight how they are (and aren’t) protecting your data. Get the facts straight and start backing up before it’s too late.

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